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Hicksville American Soccer Club (HASC) is a non-profit organization (501c3) that offers recreational and select soccer programs for boys and girls ages 3 - 18. HASC instructs, teaches and promotes the game of soccer and strives to increase the impact that soccer can have in a child's development and health. Through values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and community, HASC creates a rewarding and enjoyable experience for players, our volunteer coaches and parents alike. HASC board members, assistants and managers and the majority of coaches are parent volunteers. The HASC is governed by the Long Island Junior Soccer League and the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association.

I'm interested in being a sponsor, how do I apply? Download the Sponsorship Application Form to the right and send it to this email: info@hicksvillesoccerclub.com. We will contact you for next steps and payment.

How many players are in your leagues?
Total we are about 600 players. Our Recreation league is around 150 players. Our Travel league is around 450 players.

What will the sponsorship money be used for?
Money raised from sponsorships will be used for scholarships, club equipment, to help pay professional coaches who support volunteer coaches and to keep the player costs down.

How long is the Sponsorship? 
Sponsorship runs from September to July of the following year and can be renewed in the summer.

What are the Sponsorship options?
See the details in the Sponsorship Levels document to the right. Inaugural sponsors (those signing up for this year) will be noted as founding sponsors as long as they remain a sponsor.

Hicksville American Soccer Club will select sponsors based on their alignment to the policies, mission and goals of HASC.