Hicksville American Soccer Club

SafeSport and Safe Soccer

Hicksville American Soccer Club is proud to support U.S Soccer’s mission to make soccer the preeminent sport in the United States. To that end, HASC has adopted the applicable portions the U.S. Soccer Safe Soccer Framework in the HASC Safe Soccer Framework to institute the policies and processes required by USSF Policy 212-3 and in compliance with the mandatory reporting requirements of the Safe Sport Act. By doing
so, HASC has adopted a foundation from which all participants in the soccer club, be they athletes, coaches,  administrators or volunteers, play an active role in creating an environment free from emotional, physical or sexual abuse. The U.S. Soccer Safe Soccer Framework is a comprehensive program of policies and process, screening, education and training, reporting, monitoring and enforcement designed to help participants
detect and report abuse, respond to it, and prevent future occurrences.

                      Safe Soccer