Hicksville American Soccer Club



Established in 1973 by Long Island Jr Soccer League Hall of Famer Peter Collins, the Hicksville American Soccer Club (HASC) exists to provide an avenue for children to learn the game of soccer in a safe, fun, and competitive environment. This learning is a continual process starting with children defined as U4 (Under 4 as defined by the Long Island Junior Soccer League – LIJSL) and spanning to U19.


The Hicksville American Soccer Club is a not-for-profit (501c3) organization.  All player tuitions cover actual costs to run the program with a net zero revenue each year. Financial assistance is available for families with demonstrated need. The club provides its membership with the necessary organization, information, supporting equipment and fields to enable the game to be taught through practices and games for children of the proper ages. As with any volunteer based organization, the membership is expected to supply the necessary executive officers, commissioners, committee members, and coaches (as defined in the constitution) to enable teams to be formed and scheduled for competition and to affect the day-to-day management needs of the organization (league registration, insurance, dispute resolution, etc.). The learning process will be tailored to the capabilities of the children at the various ages and is organized into three distinct efforts, with specific goals commensurate with the abilities of the children. The first step in the learning process is the intramural program. The
intramural program is available for ages U4 thru U9 and is primarily focused on developing a sound foundation of fundamental soccer skills. Children enrolled in this program will be sorted on to teams with-in our club that will be able to play other teams with-in our club at various points through the year.

The next step in the learning process is the travel program which spans the age group following the intramural program (U10) and continues thru the oldest age group of our parent league, the Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL). LIJSL organizes competition between its member clubs, and as such, stresses winning by tracking a teams progress and crowning division
champions in two multi-game seasons each year (fall and spring). By tracking each teams progress LIJSL is able to group teams of like ability together to promote close (exciting) competition and avoid discouragement from continual lack of success and/or lop-sided games.